Posted by: judysbuzz | April 1, 2011

Beautiful View, Great Food, Exceptional Service at The Tavern Princeville, HI

Everyone in our party had a wonderful experience at The Tavern, not only is the food great the front-of-house knows what is happening in the kitchen and the kitchen is very aware of what is going on in the front-of-house.  Having this winning combination makes The Tavern a wonderful dining experience.

If you have read my other blogs you see that I am starting to review all of the restaurants on the North Shore of Kauai because this is where I live.  We travel all over the island trying new and existing restaurants – In fact we are always looking for a new favorite place to eat, so eventually I will begin to review restaurants all over the island.

The Tavern has only been open a short while, less than a year and they have really put a lot of thought into creating a a restaurant that will be loved by visitors and locals alike.

We have eaten at this restaurant several times and I wish I could remember the names of every wait person who has taken care of us because they were all wonderful. Last night was no exception, we had Leticia and she went out of her way to make sure we were comfortable and encouraged us to ask questions about the menu.  The menu is varied so we had a lot of questions about how items were cooked or if they included certain ingredients, she knew every answer and made sure we knew exactly what we were ordering. Thanks Leticia you helped to make this experience wonderful.

The menu is interesting and caters to all types of tastes and diets.  The staff is very proud to let you know that the menu is based on local and sustainable products from Kauai as much as is possible.  The menu changes depending on what is growing in the garden, I’m waiting for their tomatoes to come back.

We started with the flatbread as an appetizer, it was lightly covered with Kunana Goat Cheese and then covered with delectable greens from the garden and had a drizzle of balsamic reduction on top. The flatbread is like a small pizza and the crust is thin, crispy and buttery all at the same time.

I was excited to see that they had Sous Vide prepared pork chops, I will order them next time , this time I couldn’t resist the scallops with a port gastric.  The scallops were perfectly cooked, they melted in my mouth and the gastric tasted a little like a lightly sweet grape sauce. The sauce was placed delicately on the plate, not on the scallops.

The other dishes at our table included the Burger and Frites (special home made fries), the burger is huge and made with local Kauai beef and the Frites were so good we couldn’t stop eating them.  The burger also has bacon on it like I’ve never seen before. The bacon is sliced thick and coated with crumbs and then fried, it is decadent; fresh Opah was the fish selection and the plate also included a variety of fresh vegetables that had been sauted to perfection.

The portion size of the entrées are pretty large so we have learned to order the appetizers or share an entrée, that way we have room to order our favorite dessert, the Olive Oil Chardonnay Cake with a Lemon Curd Sauce on top.

If you want a beautiful view to watch the sunset this is the place.  The Tavern is built on the Prince Golf Course (which is closed for renovation) but you have a view the ocean in the distance, the green hills of the course which are surrounded with trees, and beyond the course are the mountains in the background.

My only small complaint is that they need to rethink the window coverings for two reasons. If you are seated to see the view you will also get the sun in your eyes at sunset.  They do have coverings for the windows but they are not good at blocking the bright sun.  Possibly as the days get longer the sun will set in a different position and not be so much in your eyes.

The entire dining room is surrounded with windows on three sides this makes it easy to see the view from any seat but it also makes the restaurant a bit noisy.  I would recommend covering all of the windows after sunset to cut down on the noise that echoes off of the windows.

All-in-all this was a very nice dining experience.  The food, the service, the view and the prices were just right.  Please try it out.



  1. Glad you’ve started this blog. I’m coming to Kauai in July 2011 for my 40th birthday. I would love to read your input on more restaurants and any luaus. thanks!

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