Posted by: judysbuzz | March 26, 2011

Good Morning Kauai! We Went to Infigo’s Restaurant Last Night…

We went to a fairly new restaurant last night here in Princeville.  The restaurant is called Infigo and is located right off of Ka Haku Road at the Pali Ke Kua condo complex.  It’s a little tricky  but if you have a GPS in your phone just type in this address “5300 Ka Haku Rd, Princeville, HI 96722.”  To make a reservation call:  Phone number #808-826-0110.

I’ve eaten at this restaurant several times now and seating is usually open but it is getting busier so if you have a large party you may need to have a res to get seated right away.

I absolutely love, love, love this chef!  He has some an awesome menu and his ‘Chef’s Challenge’ is very popular.  If you choose the Chef’s Challenge the only thing you pick is the type of protien; chicken, beef, or sea food.  If everyone at your table chooses the Chef’s Challenge they will all get something different, it’s fun, every time I’ve ordered this dish it has been fantastic!

Some other extremely lovely items on the menu are the ribs  marinated in plum sauce and cooked until the meat just falls off the bone. I could make a meal with the ribs alone, they are fantastic. Another favorite is the lobster risotto.  What can I say except you haven’t lived unless you have tried this dish.  The chef cooks it perfectly every time.

Last night we tried the gnocchi.  I have eaten gnocchi at a dozen other restaurants all over the country so I wasn’t sure if this dish would live up to it’s competitor, the risotto.  It was a slam dunk! Gnocchi is now my favorite even over the risotto, another winning dish for sure!

Okay now is my turn to dish.  While the food is amazing and worth the wait there are some problems with this restaurant.  I was with five other diners last night and we mostly ordered off of the appetizer menu and made the dinner more like a tapas style party.  At first the dishes were coming out fairly evenly and not too slow but then our final course just never came, we waited for at least an hour for the last course.  There was another big party that arrived the same time we did and they got all of their food while we waited, and waited, and waited.  The entire dinner took 2 hours and 45 minutes to serve to us.  That did include about a half hour of us deciding what to order while we drank our first glasses of wine but it was over-the-top by the time the final course came. Not good.

We had a wonderful actually delightful waiter, William, he was very attentive and kept apologizing but if it happens again we probably won’t go back, especially if we have to get up early the next day to go to work.

They have finally gotten approval to open the bar so it should be open soon but in the mean time you are allowed to bring your own wine.  There was a small corkage fee that added up to about $5.00 a bottle but we were very happy to have brought our wine so we at least had something on the table while waiting for the food.

I think the part that stung the most was that the chef focused on the party of 8 who were here visiting the island and made us wait.  We live here and will go there often if they can get it together.  I think the chef should understand that the people that live here are not on vacation and we do have to get up and go to work the next morning and everyone is important.

Another tip for the chef is that there are a lot of Social Media sites now that rate and have reviews of restaurants.  I found many interesting reviews on TripAdvisor about Infigo in which almost all stated the food was great but service not-so-great. Our problems were not related to our waiter but definitely with some organization problems in the kitchen.

Come on you guys!  You have had five months to get this together and you are still having problems.  Believe me if anyone wants a restaurant like this to survive here on the North Shore it is me.  I will support you as best as possible but you have got to get it together.  Go to TripAdvisor read the comments, hopefully you will read this blog and also I’m pretty sure that people have let you know how much they like your food but were very frustrated with the front of the house.

The locals are the ones that will keep the restaurant a float in the slow times and will be the ones to spread the word about this restaurant.  I’m sure you know how quickly a good reputation or a bad reputation can spread around this island.  Please do what you need to keep your patrons happy whether they are visitors or locals.  You are almost there so work it out, please.


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